Here’s how to avoid this embarrassment

Here's how to avoid this embarrassment
Here’s how to avoid this embarrassment – In the event of underlying itching, warm the surrounding area. This can be done with a heating pad, a bottle of hot water, or a towel soaked in mildew. Some people get hips and hips. So you can give this care to the back.
Also, water is essential for life. It is very difficult to cope with a dry body. Better to drink hot water. Because fever can speed up bleeding and loosen muscles. Some men get abnormally swollen during menstruation. The water will fix that.

Also, a diet rich in calcium, protein, and fiber can reduce pain. Anyway, these days the food is getting cheaper. But saying no is not good for you, except pain. Iron bleeding is necessary because of the bleeding during this period. You need to eat green leafy vegetables like red meat and spinach. In addition, the fiber in fruits and grains helps with digestion. This digestion is associated with the menstrual cycle. Occasionally the stools start to fall off. These foods lose that condition.
Also, adding cinnamon to your diet can eliminate excessive bleeding. Some people even eat cinnamon blends even before the mask is over. Ginger blended foods and drinks can help you feel the vomiting you feel during this time. This is great for not only vomiting but also underlying pain. In addition, eating garlic is also important.
And even if it’s a little difficult these days, you need to think about the results and exercise. During exercise, endorphins in the body react with chemicals that cause pain during the menstrual cycle. Exercise, as well as yoga exercises, help ease this pain.

If all these situations are so unbearably painful, you should see a doctor. Excess pain is not that good. There may be symptoms of some other uterine disease.

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