The inconveniences we may face These days

The inconveniences we may face These days

The inconveniences we may face These days – Dysmenorrhea is a condition that causes some women to talk about it. This condition is a painful, painful day after menstruation, due to some chemical reactions that cause menstrual pain, which can lead to very painful muscle aches. Especially, the risk of puberty during the first six to seven months of puberty is very high If the pain is too much, your family doctor will give you some painkillers that are right for you, which can help you avoid the problem, but if you are a little older and have more menstrual bleeding with this severe pain, you may end up with endometriosis (days). Endometriosis may be an abnormal thickening of the wall of the uterus, even in this case. There is also a great deal of pain, and this is a time when you will definitely need treatment, and if you have any other ailment, this is a good sign.

The other is Menorrhea, this is a dangerous situation. This is where the menstrual cycle can be corrected for several days, but too much bleeding, sometimes for several days and seven to ten days after menopause. Whatever the situation may be.

There are a few other general points,
Symptoms can include a little irritability, restlessness, mood swings, numbness, aching pain in the legs, stomach, and breasts.

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