A few things to consider during the days of Mos

Menstruation pain

Things to consider during Menstruation – Number one is that the sanitary wipes used should be very clean. It is not enough. The vagina and the surrounding area are dirty with intermittent bleeding. When not washed properly, it can cause odors, itchiness, and dullness at the same time. So, Doctors say to wash your hands at least twice a day. It is better to use soapy water than to use soap. Because using soap can even kill beneficial bacteria.

The other thing is, having a sanitary towel for 4 hours is not that good. This is because the bacteria in the blood that accumulates in it increases the odor. Moreover, the vaginal area is also inflamed. It’s hot. There’s blood too. The invisible microbes are able to survive. Therefore, changing the sanitary towels every four hours is beneficial for our health.
Also, it is best to clean the vagina for a longer period of time.

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