breast pain during period

Breast pain during period?

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Breast pain during period – For some women, menstruation is a living hell. From headaches to abdominal pain, from physical discomfort to mood swings, some women experience too many menstrual cramps. Most women experience breast pain before or during menstruation. In fact, swelling, tenderness, and other changes in the breasts can also be noticed at this stage. Is Breast Pain Dangerous? Although some doctors say that breast pain and swelling are not something to worry about because they are caused by menstruation, doctors also point out some warning signs that should not be ignored. If you have a lump in […]

Menstrual cup

Let’s learn about menstrual cup

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Menstrual cup – It is a well-known fact that women who experience this menstrual cycle experience menstrual cramps, which are more painful days than other days of the month, which interfere with daily activities. This is about a sanitary tool that solves most of the problems that arise these days. What is the Menstrual Cup? The Menstrual Cup is a small, flexible cup made of silicone or latex rubber. This is a sanitary tool. This cup does not absorb blood like sanitary napkins or pads or tampons. The cup collects blood. During menstruation, this small cup is inserted into the […]

Problems with the menstrual cycle

Problems with the menstrual cycle that can lead to delayed child birth

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Problems with the menstrual cycle can lead to delayed childbirth. If a married couple tries to conceive a child after trying for about a year without using any contraceptives, there may be a problem. We are talking about the possible problems in the menstrual cycle that can lead to infertility even if you are expecting a baby like that. Problems with ovulation – This is about the release of a mature egg from a woman’s uterus. It is because of these circumstances that opportunities that do not exist arise. DOR – Decreased ovulation in a woman due to previous ovarian […]

The menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle

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The menstrual cycle – The beginning of the menstrual cycle is the first time a girl is menstruating or puberty. This is the first time an ovary is released from the ovaries and the ovum escapes with the uterine wall and passes through the esophagus as it does not meet with a sperm. As we mentioned earlier, menstruation begins on a monthly basis until a girl reaches puberty. That’s called the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is called the “menstrual cycle” because of the cycle of fertilization from the ovum to the release of the ovum the other month. This […]

Things to consider during Menstruation

A few things to consider during the days of Mos

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Things to consider during Menstruation – Number one is that the sanitary wipes used should be very clean. It is not enough. The vagina and the surrounding area are dirty with intermittent bleeding. When not washed properly, it can cause odors, itchiness, and dullness at the same time. So, Doctors say to wash your secret area at least twice a day. It is better to use soapy water than to use soap. Because using soap can even kill beneficial bacteria. The other thing is, having a sanitary towel for 4 hours is not that good. This is because the bacteria […]

The inconveniences we may face These days

The inconveniences we may face These days

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The inconveniences we may face These days – Dysmenorrhea is a condition that causes some women to talk about it. This condition is a painful, painful day after menstruation, due to some chemical reactions that cause menstrual pain, which can lead to very painful muscle aches. Especially, the risk of puberty during the first six to seven months of puberty is very high If the pain is too much, your family doctor will give you some painkillers that are right for you, which can help you avoid the problem, but if you are a little older and have more menstrual […]

Here's how to avoid this embarrassment

Here’s how to avoid this embarrassment

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Here’s how to avoid this embarrassment – In the event of underlying itching, warm the surrounding area. This can be done with a heating pad, a bottle of hot water, or a towel soaked in mildew. Some people get hips and hips. So you can give this care to the back. Also, water is essential for life. It is very difficult to cope with a dry body. Better to drink hot water. Because fever can speed up bleeding and loosen muscles. Some men get abnormally swollen during menstruation. The water will fix that. Food plan for menstruation days, A diet […]

Can you get pregnant during your period?

Can you get pregnant during your period?

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Can you get pregnant during your period  – The answer is yes and no. The probability is that you will not get pregnant during your period. In addition to being confusing and less pleasant, having sex during your period will not cause pregnancy. Often, your ovary will be away for a few days and your chances of conceiving during this period will decrease. However, there are exceptions. The above facts apply to women who typically have a cycle of 28 to 30 days or more. If you are one of those people who has a short cycle, there is the […]